Heat Pump Inverters & Heat Recovery Systems

Temp Air Solutions Ltd are at the forefront in the supply and installation of Heat Pump Inverters also commonly known as 'Heat Pumps' and sold as VRV or VRF. These systems not only provide Air Conditioning but also operate in reverse to provide very effective Heating, of which, can save up to 60% on energy consumption compared with standard Air Conditioning systems and Wet LPHW or Electric Heating Systems. One of the main reasons for the substantial saving Heat Pumps can provide is the Inverter Driven compressors and fan motors. This controls the system to typically run between 15% to 120%, speed dependant on the load requirements and eliminates the conventional Stop/Start operation whereby high energy consumption ensues. This ensures minimal impact to the environment, compared to Standard Air Conditioning Systems and means you can be rest assured that you are saving money as well as benefiting the environment.

In addition to the great savings Heat Pump Inverter Systems can provide, there is an even more efficient operation known a Heat Recovery Systems or VRV/VRF Heat Recovery. These are ideal for larger applications where more than 8 indoor units are required. These work in the same way as Heat Pump Inverters but when certain units are operating in cooling, others can operate in heating. Instead of dispensing of unwanted heat from the areas requiring cooling into the outside air, the system re-directs it to the areas requiring heating. This increases the efficiency again by up to 40% of a conventional Heat Pump Inverter system. Not only do they run at an extremely efficient level, the indoor noise output is generally less than a desktop fan. These systems can also provide simultaneous heating or cooling operation between the various indoor units within the system.

Different Air Conditioning systems range dramatically in complexity. Certain systems can take longer to install than others. To ensure you select the correct Heat Pump/Recovery system for your project or application, Temp Air Solutions Ltd offers a professional advice service.

So why not contact our friendly advice team, and discover how much money you could save on your current energy outgoings by replacing your current equipment with Inverter Driven Technology.

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